4 Things You Won’t Want to Miss in Kennebunk

Planning an itinerary out for a trip is also a struggle. There’s usually so much to choose from, and you never want to miss out on anything you might enjoy. For your next trip to Kennebunk, Maine let us help lessen the burden by showing off a few of our favorite things to experience when visiting this beautiful town off the coast of The Gulf of Maine!

Ocean Avenue

Taking a walk down the absolutely beautiful Ocean Avenue in Kennebunk is something everyone can enjoy. Ocean Avenue is home to beautiful views out over the ocean, shops perfect to visit during vacation, and plenty of places to eat. Along the path you’ll pass by gorgeous views of the coast, the picturesque Kennebunk River Club, the red lobster coop where lobster fishermen have been hauling in their fresh catch for decades, Colony Beach and the breakwater, and finally at the end of the walk you’ll arrive at Walker’s Point! The famous retreat of the presidential Bush family, Walker’s point is a fantastic place you should see with your own eyes the next time you visit Kennebunk, Maine! Walker’s Point juts out into the ocean on a peninsula making for a beautiful place to visit alongside the wonderful Maine coast. 

Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge

The Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1966 with the State of Maine in honor of the park’s namesake. Rachel Carson was a world-renowned marine biologist, author, and environmentalist who also served as the editor-in-chief for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. The refuge is located along 50 miles of coastline and contains 14,600 acres of preserved land. You’ll find a wide range of beautiful landscapes from forests, beaches, coastal meadows, salt marshes, and a distinctive rocky coast. This beautiful land is home to many animals not found anywhere else in Maine. This is the perfect place for those who want to get lost in nature and experience all the natural beauty that Maine has to offer.

Saint Ann’s Church

If you’re looking for beautiful sites to visit, then make sure you make a stop by St. Ann’s Church, an almost dream like cobblestone church that sits looking right out over the sea. Originally consecrated on August 24, 1892, St Ann’s Stone Chapel is one of 18 historical summer chapels in the Episcopalian Diocese of Maine. The church stunning with 25 stained glass windows lined around the chapel, many of which date back to the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, beautiful gardens, the largest being the Memorial Rose Garden, and an outdoor seaside chapel that overlooks the Gulf of Maine. This is a place that you won’t want to miss seeing on your next trip to Kennebunk!

Maine Art Hill

The Maine Art Hill is the premier destination for local and regional arts and culture! Located in the Lower Village just steps away from Dock Square, Maine Art Hill is home to a few unique art destinations – The Gallery, Shows, and Studios. The Gallery is open year-round and is representative of 40 fantastic artists. Shows is located in the 1868 Captain Chase House and provides for an intimate gallery setting for viewing original artwork through beautiful natural light, and also has a sculpture garden. Studios is a collection of 7 studio galleries representing high quality artists and artisans. You’ll find The Works Gallery, Custom Frame Shope, and Print Gallery occupying three of these studios!